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Chuck Prophet

Yep Rock Recording Artist

Chuck says, “"I like this guitar. I like the wood, and the craftsmanship, and the way it hugs my body. It plays real easy and it sounds damn good. When I play this guitar people can hear me from the other side of the room. If my house catches fire, I'm running for this guitar. No kidding. Well, I might grab my Tele first, but that's not fair.”"

Hiram Bell

Ukulele Virtuoso Performer and Teacher.

Hiram Bell says, "I love the sound and look of my Makai concert Koa Uke."

Cliff Eberhardt

Red House Recording Artist

Rod MacDonald

Recording Artist and Songwriter Extraordinaire

Rod says, “Wow! My new Revival RG-26 is gorgeous, definitely the guitar I will be playing in concerts from now on!"

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